Bath Resurfacing

Bath resurfacing services in the Dorset and Hampshire areas

At Bathman Services & Perfect Baths, we know all about bath resurfacing, having been involved in the industry for over fifty years. Using only the very best products, we can resurface any bath or shower tray.

What is bath resurfacing?

Bath resurfacing is the process of taking that battered old exterior and re-enamelling so it will leave the bath looking shiny white and easy to clean.

How does it work?

Bath resurfacing is a simple enough process, but one that requires top-quality products, a steady hand, and a lot of experience if you hope to get it right.

First, any damage to the bath itself is repaired, then, we use a chemical bonder, which we wipe over the surface. This bonder will create a strong and effective bond between the old bath surface and the new coating we apply. In some cases (say, with a very old baths made from cast iron) an additional primer coat may need to be applied next. Then three to four top surface coats are applied and then the resurfacing process is complete the bath can be used within 24 hours. The bath will be shiny white and the lustre restored.

Only the best

At Bathman Services & Perfect Baths we pride ourselves on the quality of the work that we do regarding bath resurfacing. It is only possible to maintain this high standard by utilising the very best products on the market. As the commercial operating division of Resurface Coatings, all our products are manufactured by US producer NAPCO, among the finest bath resurfacing material manufacturers in the world.

Your local bath resurfacing company

We have been trading for over fifty years, providing our bath resurfacing services to thousands of customers in the local area and beyond. We’re proud of our local knowledge, with satisfied clients in Dorchester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester, among other places.

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