Acrylic Bath Repair Services

Acrylic bath repair services in the Dorset and Hampshire area

Baths and shower trays tend to come in a variety of materials. Whilst some will always sing the praises of one above the other, it is really a question of personal preference. Certainly, back in the day, plastic baths were nothing like as sturdy and durable as they are today and would often flex in the middle with extended use. Thankfully, those days are gone, and a good quality acrylic bath is just as rigid and long-lasting as any constructed from steel.

Whatever your bath is made from, it is likely to take a fair bit of damage over the years, simply through people getting in and out of it every day, kids getting over exuberant with their bath toys, and the occasional, unavoidable bathroom accident.

No matter how the damage is done, at Bathman Services & Perfect Baths we bring fifty years of combined experience to every acrylic bath repair, so you can rest easy knowing your bath is in safe hands.

The importance of acrylic bath repairs

The sort of damage suffered by an acrylic bath is often different to those we experience if we have to re-surface a bath. With the latter, it is usually chips of enamel that have happened thanks to heavy objects being dropped in the bath from a height or the bath is worn out, lost its shine or is suffering from limescale damage. With an acrylic bath, repairs normally come about thanks to cracks, scratches, chips, or gouges in the plastic.

Though modern acrylic baths are much harder wearing than their predecessors, it’s essential that any cracks or punctures in the plastic shell are repaired immediately. Whilst an enamel chip can be unsightly and potentially lead to rusting of the steel core, and a reduction in heat retention, a hole in an acrylic bath can see water seeping through to the sub area below the bath, potentially causing damp and rot and, in serious cases, leaking through the floor space and into the room below.

Acrylic bath repairs are conducted slightly differently to a bath chip repair, though it is mostly down to the materials we use in effecting the repair. The overall process remains much the same.

Acrylic bath repairs

At Bathman Services & Perfect Baths, we have a reputation for quality and efficiency that we have built up over five decades in the trade. Whatever damage has been suffered by your acrylic bath, repairs made by us will be almost impossible to detect. The most common form of damage we see with acrylic baths (as opposed to when we resurface baths) comes in the form of surface cracks and chips in the plastic.
Depending on the size of the crack, we fill the area, before filing it down to match the natural contours of the rest of the bath. Just like when we re-surface baths, we ensure that the mix we use matches the colour of your bathtub and add a sealant coat that blends the repair effortlessly into the original bath.
This produces a natural and unobtrusive fade, leaving a repair in the plastic which is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Historic damage

Baths and shower trays are one of the few things that are in a house or flat when we move in, so it is likely that, depending on the age of your acrylic bath, repairs have already been conducted on it. Unfortunately, often such repairs are carried out by people less professional and less experienced than the team at Bathman Services & Perfect Baths. On occasion, it might be necessary for us to redo the repair work undertaken by someone else earlier in the bath’s history. It goes without saying that we will not begin this additional repair work without your express permission.

Your local bath repair company

We have provided top quality acrylic bath repairs and shower tray repairs, as well as the resurfacing of baths, to our customers in the Dorset and Hampshire regions for over fifty years. Operating in a 50-mile radius of our office, we serve our valued customers in Dorchester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, and Winchester, as well as many others.

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