Bath resurfacing, bath chip repair, acrylic bath repair, and re-enamel bath services in Bournemouth

Bathman Services & Perfect Baths are partnered with Resurface Coatings, for whom we act as their commercial operating division. They are a well-established and well-respected distributor of NAPCO refinishing products, who themselves are regarded as amongst the best in the business for all manner of bath resurfacing and bath repair materials. This mark of quality is matched by our own exemplary record as professional bath resurfacers, which is why we have an unequalled reputation in the Hampshire and Dorset area.

A full bath repair package

With Resurface Coatings acting as our exclusive provider of materials and bath resurfacing products, combined with an expert service borne from fifty years experience in the trade, we can guarantee a top-quality job, no matter what your requirements are.

Bath resurfacing

Bath resurfacing (also known as re-glazing or refinishing) is when new coats of acrylic Polyurethane are applied to the existing bath. It is used to get rid of any surface damage or discolouration, and we do it using the finest NAPCO products that our supplier has available.

Bath chip repair

Sometimes it is more than just surface damage affecting your bath. We can also repair more serious defects like chips, cracks and gouges, no matter what your bath is made of.

Acrylic bath repair

Acrylic baths are easily scratched and damaged, and it’s all too easy to make them worse should you attempt to fix them yourself. Luckily, we have the experience and the materials to affect a perfect, near-invisible repair for you.

Other services

It’s not just these services that we provide. As experts in all manner of bathroom repair and refinishing, we can also re-enamel baths, replace sealant, and polish surfaces to a crisp new shine. We are not limited to certain baths and certain materials either: we are happy to deal with shower trays, sinks, and basins, whether in plastic, steel, stone resin, fibreglass, acrylic, cast iron, or anything else. If something is broken in your bathroom, we are the company that can fix it.

Your local bath resurfacing company

Bathman Services & Perfect Baths have been established for the last fifty years or so. We have a well-deserved and hard-earned reputation in the areas of Hampshire and Dorset for the quality of our work, and the professionalism of our service. We cover all the main towns and cities in a fifty-mile radius around our head office, including the supply of bath resurfacing services to customers in Dorchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, of course, Bournemouth.

Over fifty years’ experience

Between us, our teams of highly-trained finishers and resurfacers have been working in the business for over half a century. We guarantee you will not find another resurfacer in the area who matches our levels of experience and expertise.

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